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Trusted Partners

Unity makes us stronger– Ayo García, Founder of VERVO

At VERVO, we embrace an alternative growth model that materializes through the establishment of our Network of Trusted Partners. This network comprises highly qualified lawyers with whom we share work methodology and the values that define our brand.

Our Network of Trusted Partners is primarily composed of independent lawyers and boutique law firms. This enables us to offer comprehensive solutions to our clients, leveraging the high level of experience these professionals possess in the various areas in which we specialize.

When specific projects demand more extensive infrastructure and/or expertise in complementary areas of law, we rely on strong partnerships with larger firms.

Thanks to our collaborative approach, we can offer our clients completely personalized solutions, reduce costs, and provide them with the peace of mind they need.

What Defines Us?


360-Degree Vision

Our experience in large law firms/Big Fours and as in-house lawyers allows us to understand the needs of our clients thoroughly.

Same Values,
Same DNA

At VERVO, we speak clearly, challenge stereotypes, and fully commit to making the Planet a better place for everyone.


While we truly believe in the value of face-to-face meetings, we prioritize them only when they generate added value for our clients or legal team.

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