We offer flexible pricing solutions tailored to the specific needs of our clients

Fixed Price per Project or Consultation

We work with pre-agreed fees for each project/query, ensuring the client is always aware of the final price before providing the service.
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Monthly Retainer Fee

Sometimes, our clients do not have internal legal advisors; having this figure, they experience work peaks that cannot be handled independently.

In these cases, we recommend hiring a monthly retainer legal advice service (e.g., availability of 5 hours per week, billed monthly at a fixed price)

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Mixed Solution

Sometimes, the agreed-hour package within the Monthly Retainer solution is insufficient. In these cases, we offer our clients the option to additionally contract a package of hours at a fixed price that allows us to cover specific needs.

We aim to streamline our client's financial planning and offer them the peace of mind they need.

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For instance, an external DPO service is contracted in a monthly retainer format with a commitment of 8 hours per week + an annual package of 40 hours to handle emergencies or specific issues that cannot be covered within the scope of the monthly retainer solution.